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Dibbeen Hills Project

Jordan Homes Real Estate is a company duly registered in the record of limited liability companies, one of its objectives is building apartments, residential buildings, commercial complexes and development of land and real estate, its also responsible for the implementation of the Dibbeen Hills Project which takes place on a breathtaking piece of land located throughout Dibbeen in the city of Jerash, note that the piece of land where the project will be held is owned by Jordan Homs Real Estate.

Location :

Dibbeen Hills Project is located on a high hill in the province of Jerash, a Roman city and one of the most important Decapolis cities at the time of the Romans, this project is 45km distance away from the capital Amman.

We chose Dibbeen forest because of its natural beauty, it is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Jordan, where the green space constitute 1% of the area of Jordan, and half of that space is available in Dibbeen area, its the main outlet and the distinctive tourist artery for Jordanians and distinguishes visitors from Arab countries,It is also in urgent need for such pilot projects.

On the other hand, Dibbeen Hills Project is located next to the Dibbeen suburb, it is an independent villas built in 1982.

About the project :

The project consists of 8 villas in addition to swimming pools built on (54 acres) land area, the construction area will not exceed more than 8.5% of the entire land area, in order to make the project emulates nature in that region, and so the project is environmentally friendly, in terms of agriculture and green areas, we also inspired the idea of the construction from nature itself.

Each villa is located within an area of 5 acres (5,000 m) and a building area between (345-550 AD) and all these are independent villas.

All villas will be served by paved streets, electricity, water, Internet and guard.

Construction :

The project will be built according to the latest methods in terms of interior and exterior finishes and sanitation.

Selling and marketing :

Jordan Homes company has efficient and highly experienced staff in the sales and marketing real estates business, we will also rely on marketing by audio and visual media inside and outside Jordan, where we will benefit from our closeness to Dubai Capital Project.

One of categories which will be targeted in the marketing process is the Jordanian community in the Gulf states where Dibbeen has its special position among the tourist areas in Jordan, in addition to many other categories especially the Gulf brothers.


Dibben Heights

Dibben Hills Compound
New Modern Villa

Phase One

Phase Two


Mjally Center

Our first commercial complex is located in the center of Al-Rabya area, the complex has a group of companies include (Mjally Group companies) with an area of 1200 square meters by five floors, Mjally Center is characterized by its services provided for its customers, which include parking positions specially for the complex.

Al - Ashera Trading Corporation

Ten years specialized company in the field of global stock markets, especially in currencies, metals and oil works in Asian, European markets and the U.S.

Pro.House for advertising and marketing

Pro.House was established in July 2008, specialized in advertising and marketing, consulting and printing services, and our main goal is to provide our partners with the best solutions and planning to get the best results.

Cushions Lounge

Is the perfect place to eat the tastiest and most delicious dishes at very competitive prices as warm family atmosphere, comfortable and distinctive waterpipe.

Darak Lounge

Project will be held at the Dead Sea as a branch of Cushions Lounge in Amman.